How to decide which are the right after-school classes for your child?

At times, what children learn outside of their main schools shape and influence their personalities more than what they learn in school, so it is important to choose the right after-school classes for our children. What are some of the factors to consider when selecting after-school classes for students?

–  Classes which teach students life-skills: Skills that are important in shaping our children’s future personality such as speaking with confidence, money management. These skills are very important for our children to learn but are not focused in the main school curriculum.

–  Classes which help them overcome their weaknesses, example if a child is shy enroll in public speaking and other confidence building classes.

–  Classes that enhances their interests and talents. Example if a student has interest in art, music, sports– enroll in classes to develop their skills further.

–  Classes that we as parents want our children to get exposure to. If you have a wish that your son grows up to become an investment advisor and your daughter a doctor, take the first step by enrolling in classes geared towards those to see if those careers are a good fit for them.

Gurus Education offers after-school classes all over the bay area. Their classes teach youth life-skills and help students explore activities that might spark an interest in them towards professional careers such as Investment Advisor or Doctors. To see their complete schedule of classes and locations visit 

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