Making Summer Fun and Useful!

Moms, to avoid the feeling of being the chief entertainer, super cook, driver, teacher and negotiator for your kids for full ten weeks of summer, spend some time to come up with a strategy that will keep everyone sane. Call a “Summer Family Meeting” and brainstorm ideas to come up with an agreed plan and electronics rules!

It’s also a good idea to send children to summer camps for few weeks, else few days into summer, the enthusiasm and optimism to enjoy all summer at home, turns into conversations like

Mom, I am bored….

There is nothing fun to do….

Summer camps helps kids unplug and build friendships.  With so many choices out there, the question arises what kind of summer camps?

With the school year focused on STEM based learning, it is a good idea to teach them life-skills in summer.  These camps build soft-skills and confidence which are the foundation to any learning. Students who are confident and expressive participate more and hence learn more in schools.

Gurus Education summer camps provide such opportunities to students in  1-9 grades. Gurus camps are super fun and interactive camps that nurture social skills like public speaking. Gurus Debate and Finance camps enhance self-confidence, encourage personal growth and foster teamwork. Gurus Medikids camps model healthy living.

Make Summer fun and useful with Gurus Education Summer Camps

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