Why Gurus Franchise

Are you looking for

  • Work-life balance?
  • Low-risk, low-capital investment business opportunity?

If yes, you might want to consider Gurus Education franchise opportunity. Gurus Education business model is suitable for practically anyone. You do NOT need to have any experiences with teaching or running a business. You will get all the necessary training and tools to operate your business.

Usually ongoing fixed costs make businesses less profitable and scalable. In this franchise opportunity there are no fixed costs, so you can start making money from your first class. You can easily scale to many locations quickly with no fixed-overheads.

Part time commitment: This business model provides flexibility based on your availability. You can operate it part-time or full-time or start as part-time and then make your way to full-time.

No special skills required: There is no special education required to run this business.

Minimal need for supervision: Most transactions happen online or with credit cards. You don’t need to supervise continuously to avoid fraud.

For more information : contact Gurus Education Franchise office at 1.855.364.4443 or email ritu@guruseducation.com.

Gurus Education franchise opportunities are available nationwide* Gurus Education is a fast-growing company in the after-school industry. With over 150 locations all over the bay area, Gurus have taught thousands of youth, life-skills. Gurus have programs in Public Speaking with Confidence, Debates, Personal Finance and Medical Kids.

*some exclusions may apply.

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