My Journey as a Mompreneur!

One of the primary reasons why I decided to quit my hi-tech job in Silicon Valley was to have a work life balance. About 13 years ago, after my second child was born, I wanted to spend more time with my family. I decided to do something where not only I can set my own work schedule, but I also get a sense of fulfilment. I tried many areas and finally saw empowering youth by teaching them life skills gave me that sense of accomplishment.

The best part of owning an education business is we are involved as a family. My husband has always supported me from the very beginning, and now as my children have grown older, we discuss business at home. My son helps me with running payroll, preparing account statements and balance sheets. My daughter helps me with designing activities, games and even helps me as an assistant at summer camps. My children now understand what it takes to run a business and when they feel proud of our accomplishments, it makes it all worth it.

Doing business is very empowering for yourself, because the results of your efforts are directly evident. I get to be the Top Boss/Marketing Executive/Sales Person/HR Manager/Creator/Writer/Research Analyst/Support Provider all at the same time. My horizons have broadened and I appreciate all aspects and their value.

As a mompreneur you also get to meet many people, get opportunities to be involved in community, and become the role model of many. With education business that involves children I have become part of many community events that share the goal of youth empowerment.

Now, if you are thinking of doing a business because of any of the reasons whether it is to have a work-life balance, financial stability or fulfillment, do not hesitate. As a mom you are already an entrepreneur when you manage all the different tasks of the day efficiently, whether it is making sure children are getting the necessary nutrients, or running carpool for after-school schedules or being the accounts payable department of the family. You already have the skills! It’s just deciding what kind of business is right for you.

If you are thinking of a business that involves children and education, and come with low-risk and low capital investment, explore Gurus Education Franchise opportunity now available in CA and beyond.

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About Gurus Education:

Gurus Education is an after-school enrichment program vendor that partners with schools, school districts, park and recreation departments, after-school care centers, or any organization offering classes for 1-12 grade students. With over 150 locations all over the bay area, Gurus Education has taught thousands of students, life-skills like Public Speaking with Confidence, Debates, Personal Finance and Medi-Kids. Gurus Education has a mission of teaching life-skills in the most fun way.


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