Teaching Youth Life Skills

Public Speaking, Debates, Personal Finance and Medikids classes (1-12 grade)

Debates Programs (5th - 9th Graders)

Being able to communicate effectively and confidently has immeasurable benefits. A student, who can articulate well, feels confident in participating in class discussions, hence learns more. He can give a clear structure to his thoughts, which improves his writing skills, critical thinking, reasoning and research skills. Students become better listeners and analysts.

Our well defined Public Speaking and Debate Programs teach students these soft skills and much more. These programs are ideal for both types of students who are either extremely shy and who are confident speakers and enjoy the limelight. While the shy students learn how to overcome anxiety and fear of public speaking, the confident speakers learn to shape their ideas effectively, get a forum to engage in constructive debating and public speaking.

Cultivate the leadership skills from this tender age in the friendliest and fun way.