Teaching Youth Life Skills

Public Speaking, Debates, Personal Finance and Medikids classes (1-12 grade)


  • Our Teacher Fan Base :  Teacher: David Cronin

    Dillon has really enjoyed the class so far (he isn't even complaining about having more homework to do!) and likes having you as his teacher. I just noticed that the following class will be held starting on 3/12. Will you be teaching it? It sounds like it might be a good next step for Dillon.

    -Teacher Fan Base
  • Also, Quinn brought up your Ted Talk and we both watched it together. Impressive! The next morning she woke up and asked me if I thought she’d ever be a persuasive speaker. I said most definitely.Then she went on to say that she has a need to persuade people to do something about our environment. That we are killing ourselves.She felt it was her duty. Heavy stuff for a just- turned 10 year old! She is a passionate person, and I’m not sure where she will take this, but I feel it is because of you and your Ted Talk, that this was inspired! I feel quite lucky that she has enrolled in this class this year and that you are her teacher. She really enjoys it and you!

    Thank you for what you do for these kids. I truly appreciate it. Best,

    -Ellen (Quinn’s Mom)
  • It was such a pleasure to meet you in person today. The speech and debate class has been an awesome experience for Shaivi. She has grown, learnt and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. A special thanks to you, for keeping them engaged, inspiring them to soar. All your efforts made a huge impact, and we are very appreciative of the same. 
    I have not recd anything from Guru's education to provide feedback, but would love to do so.

    -Ms T
  • Please guide me on how and where to provide feedback.
    We would also like for Shaivi to continue pursuing the debate and speech class/ club in a structured way. Please do help guide me to where I can inquire about the same within Guru or others you recommend. 
    Will you be teaching any more classes in the area? If so, kindly do pass the information along to me as well. 

    -Koshambi Shah
  • Mr. Romeo is an excellent kids' public speaking/speech teacher. He made learning fun. He was knowledgeable, funny, and energetic. He always had a smile. Tyler truly enjoyed his class and at the same time learned a lot. I could see improvements in Tyler's speech/presentation week after week. Mr. Romeo is fantastic! My only suggestion is for him (or any other teacher) to either give handouts listing each week's homework topic or email them to the parents so that we don't have to rely on the kids' memory of the assignment topic. I had doubts on a couple of occasions that he may have misunderstood the topic of the homework assignment.

  • Public Speaking and Debate skills are as essential as foreign language, music and art to education and greatly assist students with math, English, history and science. I am so grateful that this opportunity was offered in Novato, even more appreciative to have had such a wonderful, informative, kind, patient teacher, Ms. Edwards, to teach the class. Thank you.


    Brynne came home very excited so I know this will be a great class for her.
    Thanks so much! Ms. Norma Mondy