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Medical Programs for Kids

MediKids (Age 8-14 years)

As parents, we’d do anything to protect our children and make them happy. We’d also do anything to make sure they live healthy and long lives. That is why Gurus Education is bringing MediKids- Health Matters after-school enrichment class for 3-8 grade students to inspire children towards learning about healthy habits and bodies. Who knows this may spark an interest in them towards becoming doctors when they grow up!

Medikids Module 1: Health Matters

Check your pulse rate, count bones from X-ray, compare nutrition labels, learn about safety and first-aid, make healthy recipes for snacks and much more. This is a fun program where children do such activities and get excited to learn about their bodies (where heart is the hard worker and brain is the boss!) and healthy habits. (Personal Hygiene, Eating Right, Exercising, Healthy Recipes, Safety, Sun Protection, and First aid). Who knows these might get them interested to become doctors when they grow up.


MediKids: Module 2 White Coat

Do you want them to understand the basics of health matters: how to take care of their wounds, injuries and their body and mind in general? This fun and informative course teaches kids essentials of medicine in the most interesting and hands on way. Children get excited using some of the apparatus and models like microscope, stethoscope, human skeletons and experimenting with them. Who knows they might get interested in becoming a doctor or medical professional when they grow up?